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Dear Innovation,

First of all innovation, you are one of the reasons that I am so blessed to be living in America.  I believe that the Revolutionary War was fought for freedom, but won through you.  Patriot innovators such as Paul Revere (one if by land, two if by sea), George Washington (crossing the Delaware River), Francis Marion & Nathaniel Greene (using Guerrilla Warfare in the South) and the authors who wrote the Declaration of Independence, were all innovators.  Innovation, you did not wear off after America gained independence either.  The the airplane, the automobile, the telephone, the computer, the first men on the moon; these are just a fraction of your greatness that allowed America to become the largest market in the world.

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With regards to you innovation, a teacher once told me, “Innovation either comes from a need that is in existence, or a need that you have created.”

Dear Love,

I can imagine you cringe as much as I do when people abuse your power and tarnish your image by saying things like, “Oh my gosh, I love the Bachelorette!”  You have many different interpretations ranging from romance and feeling “in love” to an extreme care for someone close to the material things that bring pleasure.

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Dear Homeless,

I just want to start off by apologizing for the world neglecting you as well as myself.  I see you sitting at busy intersections with your signs asking for some spare change.  I’m blessed enough to have a roof under my head, food to eat, and clothes to wear.  Each day for you is a struggle, not only to survive, but to find somewhere to fit in as well.  Like Oedipus, you are tossed aside by those you are pleading for help.  All rejecting you, all turning their eyes away at your sight, all too selfish to help out another human being.


Maybe next time I see a disconsolate face on the side of the road just scraping by each day, I can make a change.

Truly yours,


Dear BDE,

Yes, you “Best Day Ever!”  You have become not only my favorite Mac Miller song, but my favorite song overall.   You start off slowly with a soft synthetic sound that loops and becomes increasingly louder.  Soon, a keyboard/mute guitar loop assumes command and a few chords are gently strung on an acoustic guitar.  At this moment in the song, I feel like I’m gradually awaking from a deep sleep and with each second I gain more conscious.  The slow crescendo of peaceful music apexes the moment the drums kick in.  Now I’m bopping my head uncontrollably to the rhythm.  I take a deep breathe and I’m saturated with peaceful energy.  Before I know it, I’m rapping along with your lyrics and making hand and arm gestures that are an embarrassing attempt at dancing.  I might get a few confused and condescending glances, but I really don’t mind I’m just, what I call, “vibing” to the music.  While Mac Miller’s lyrics typically aren’t universally accepted or appropriate, a little vulgarity here and there doesn’t bother me.  BDE, however, you are not filled with arrogant boasting or random curse words that are all too often the subject matter of rap songs in modern times, and I greatly appreciate that.  These verses were formulated and have what rappers call “flow.”


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Dear World,

Some people might call you Earth, or the third planet from the Sun, but I like to refer to you as everything I experience in my life, everything I know, everything I don’t know, and everything I don’t know I don’t know.  World, you are so vast and deep that sometimes I feel I get lost in the midst of all that is happening in everyday life.  It’s easy to dwell on the struggle and despair that is present within you from war, famine, injustice, lies, hatred, poverty, and evil, but for every negative characteristic about you there’s a corresponding part filled with peace, health, equality, truth, love, wealth, and benevolence that is unfortunately often left unnoticed.  I’ve been with you for sixteen years now, yet I’m still learning more about you each day and the moment that I cease to learn from you will be the day I cease to live.  I would like to know why I can’t seem to fully appreciate everything you offer me while I have it because I tend to forget that each day I breathe your air is a gift.  I guess you could say I haven’t been writing enough thank you letters for the present you are constantly giving to me.  But let this be my first letter to you and with that, I just want to thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed to me from my health, my family, my companions, my dreams, and your love for me.

Truly yours,