Dear Love,

I can imagine you cringe as much as I do when people abuse your power and tarnish your image by saying things like, “Oh my gosh, I love the Bachelorette!”  You have many different interpretations ranging from romance and feeling “in love” to an extreme care for someone close to the material things that bring pleasure.

cool pic love

But love, you are not material.  I feel that you are an individual entity that is inside of everyone.  God is love, and I like to believe that love is God’s gift to us that we enjoy sharing with others.  Love, I feel your grace when I stop to take a moment to appreciate the family, friends, and life that I have.  It’s amazing the difference saying “I love you” can have on one’s life and I’m hesitant in my use of those three words.  But love, when you truly are there, there’s no three words that could describe your presence better.

love god

You are the glue that holds the world together.  You hold together families, you hold together relationships, you hold together ethnic groups and religions, and you bring wars to an end.  You are the motivation for continuing life even if someone is a dying elder who has been cast out from society with only his eldest daughter to lean on.  You are also the drive that keeps the daughter by her father’s side; never ending is the mutual appreciation.

never forget

With all this said love, please reveal yourself more in this world.  Come to those who have never felt their mother’s tender grasp, their father’s stern handshake, their brother’s foolish games, their sister’s happy chatter, their lover’s passion, their friend’s joke, or their community’s embrace.  Come to those who do not know of love, and help me feel you each and every day.

Truly yours,



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