Dear Blogging,

Hi, nice to meet you:)  Well I am in my first month with you and it has kind of been a hot and cold relationship.  You’ve shown me a lot of love yet I seem to push you away. (Not post for two weeks…)  But, I’m back, and with a vengeance.


An adviser actually got me in to you, but I had no choice.  It was my first blind date.  I was very unsure at first, but I came up with a decent idea for a topic and I was on my way.  My adviser believes that you become an extension of a person by allowing them to connect to the globalized world.  This amplifies not only the reach of the blogger’s personal voice, but the voices of other bloggers across the world trying to reach out as well.  Blogging, my adviser believes that you can help expand my public learning networks too. (The things that provide ideas/inspiration.)  I can’t argue against this, but there’s something in me that is unwilling to commit myself fully to you.  But that’s another topic!  Oh, I apologize for talking about other things when I’m writing this post to you, Blogging, but it seems so natural.  It’s like your sole purpose for becoming integrated in my life is to provide me a forum from which I can talk about the things that I’m interested in, furthering my understanding of my very own self.  Yet, I can’t connect fully with you.


Seeing the words I type appear on a screen before me just doesn’t give me the same emotional connection as seeing the words I write become inscribed in a notebook.  The strokes of the keyboard and the generic fonts don’t measure up to the movement of my pen and my unique writing style engraved on paper in ink.  But these are just minor differences that can soon become indifferences.  Thanks for listening, Blogging, and I’ll be sure to pay you more attention from here on out.

Truly yours,



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