Dear Sarcasm,

Your are like, all I need.  I’m serious.


But seriously sarcasm, I kind of need you in my life.  When a situation becomes a little tense or awkward, a little bit of you can ease the mood.  I’ve had loads of fun using you with my friends and its quite a sight when all of us comprehend the humor and the jokes about the same topic compile together, sometimes leaving me gasping for air.  I learned today that I can give back-handed compliments to my superiors using you, sarcasm, and get away with it.  For example, “That’s got to be like, the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen boss.  I saw one just like it at the Salvation Army.”  Geez, that seems kind of rude doesn’t it?  But it’s possible to extend the sarcasm to make it appear like a sincere compliment.  “No, seriously, I really like that shirt.”  See, no harm, no foul!

My favorite usage of you so far, sarcasm, is the phrase “I can put two and two together.”  This is you to the extreme.  Everyone knows that 2+2=4, so it’s no impressive feat to know that information.  So if I say “I can put two and two together,” I’m basically telling whoever I’m talking to to shut up and that their observation was one of stupidity.

These are just my thoughts about you.  I enjoy having you in my life and you bring lots of laughter into the world…only if I’m not on the receiving end of one of your jokes.

Truly yours,



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