Dear Technology,

“Thanks, but no thanks.”  The first thank you is genuine, Technology, but the second is how I feel about your takeover of my life.


I really enjoy the enhancement of the standards of living that you have single-handedly brought upon my world, but I resent how you have been infiltrated by stronger outside powers that use your strength to their advantage.  The wicked things are shoved down my throat in the radio, in music, on T.V., and in the movies can exist everywhere because of you, Technology!


But, I have to accept it.  Technology isn’t going to regress any time soon.  It’s seeped into my learning experience.  I had my first online class last year for health, and this year I have had to make an “Instagram” and  a “Twitter” to do some assignments for school which kind of creeps me out.

Robot teacher in Japan named, Saya.
Robot teacher in Japan named, Saya.

If you look at technology as a whole, it’s main focus is to create a human being in mechanical form.  Technologies are being used to problem solve, think, and feelings and emotions are trying to be replicated.  The ultimate goal is to replace human beings with machines! As perplexing as it seems, this goal is closer to being achieved than I would like it to be.  This came up in my English class and I wonder what high school English classes will be like 20 years into the future…

Truly yours,



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