Dear Television,

You waste so much of my time.  That’s time I’ll never get back.  Especially “Sportscenter!”  You show the same stories for a whole 24 hours and I still watch!  I enjoy my privilege and that I’m fortunate enough to have cable, but I don’t want it.  I wish meals were not eaten staring at you for the last couple years, because I could have been having conversations with my mom, dad, sister and brother; and I could have gotten to know them thoroughly.  Television, you are more of a distraction and a barrier for me than you are entertainment. 


I spend virtually no time reading anymore.  I used to have to read 30 minutes for every 30 minutes of watching you, television,  but I guess rules like that go away once you hit puberty.  I was asked in my English class to write the title of a book I knew where a character had to keep a secret.  For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a single piece of literature besides the “Romeo and Juliet” play I read my first year of high school!  This was a waking moment for me.  What had I been spending my time doing for the last 5 years of my life?  Well, watching T.V., playing video games, doing schoolwork, playing sports- but never once did I imagine reading could be more fun, redeeming, and fulfilling than any of those activities.  I’ve got to pick up a book…

Although, I bet I've read more books than this kid.
Although, I bet I’ve read more books than this kid.

Truly yours,



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