Dear Rain,

There is something so rejuvenating and pleasant about you.  Well, I’m from California, so when you come it is a huge deal.


Being so used to bathing in the sun throughout the winter, the rare occasions that you stop by, Rain, give me some time to reflect on your presence.  Sometimes you fall from the sky in buckets as if you had been holding in your emotions and reached the breaking point.  You unwillingly pound the ground in such a helpless manner; and I have sympathy for you when you feel this way.


Other times, you can be angry and violent and if you are hanging out with the Wind, you can be devastating.  You attack anyone who dares to go in your path by pelting them with stinging drops moving at high velocities.


Then, you can be sporatic, Rain, falling down heavily only to lighten up a moment later.  You let the sun shine just to deceive me because your drops still fall!  Rain, you’ll be present in the front of my house, but when I look at the backyard it will be dry… what’s up with that? There will be times when you’re present for interminable weeks and your clouds blanket the sky in an ominous gray hue.  I feel almost trapped by your presence because no matter which direction I look, I can’t seem to find even the minutest amounts of sunshine.


But no matter which form you come in, Rain, the earth rejoices with your return.  It seems as if nature has been “Recalled to Life” when I emerge from my shelter to examine the environment.  Plants have been resurrected (at least… my front lawn) and the colors of all the leaves seem greener and happier.  Sure I don’t want you to overextend your stay, “Rain, rain go away,” but not forever!

Truly yours,


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