Dear MLA Format and Using Colons Correctly,

I could care less about you.  I never think of you, ever.  Even in Enlgish class I’m thinking about more relevant things when I should be paying attention to you.

I just got a 45% on an 11 question “district test” and I am painfully indifferent.  I don’t know to use grammatically correct colons or how to properly notate quotations taken from a book and I’m fine with that.  It definitely has been a while since I’ve been given a proper grammar lesson, but I would pay the lesson the same amount of attention I pay my mom when she tells me to clean up my room, do my homework, pack my lunch for school, etc., etc.  Wait a second, was that the proper notation for using “etc.”? Did I even use the correct notation just now by putting the question mark outside of the quotation marks?  These are the things that I don’t quite know and I desire to learn them, on a scale of one to ten, a two.

Then again, it is pretty embarrassing for me that people across the world studying English as a second language have more understanding of the nuances of my first language than I do.

Truly yours,



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