Dear The REAL Cold War,

I am not talking about the Cold War from the 70s, I’m talking about the 22nd Olympic Games held in Sochi, Russia.


Ok, so maybe this isn’t quite a war, but there sure is some apparent discontent shared between the U.S. and Russia.  Issues concerning safety, human rights, foreign policy, and that fact that President (*cough*cough DICTATOR) Putin isn’t particularly liked by the U.S. leaders, have caused President Obama and other heads of state for the U.S. to avoid attending the Olympics in Sochi.

"Sochi is as safe as Boston."
“Sochi is as safe as Boston.”

This could be a shot at America, but it’s quite the good comeback with memories of the Boston Marathon bombing still fresh.  This fight between Russia and America, East vs. West, Democratic vs. Autocratic, Freedom vs. Controlled, is quite the story line.

Plenty of press coverage of the atrocities of living conditions of Sochi has set up a polluted prelude to the world’s greatest sports competition.  Some problems include missing doorknobs, unfinished hotels, no shower curtains, identity theft from cell phones, unsanitary water, and general discomfort are some of the symptoms of living in uncomfortable Sochi.


But, whatever the problems, Sochi is going to be the stage of the world’s greatest winter sports competition and the 22nd Olympics.  These times are supposed to be moments of gratitude where feuding countries come together in peace to enjoy the entertainment of the world of sports.  So hopefully this “Real Cold War” of Sochi is more of a great competition.

Truly yours,




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