Dear Vacations,

Sometimes, it feels like I live solely for you.  The weekend is a vacation from school, the summer is a vacation from winter, and traveling is a vacation from home.  But, I get complacent.

Saipan, Marianas Islands... I sure wish I could be there now.

Saipan, Marianas Islands… I sure wish I could be there now.

Returning to school, winter, or home, I always wish I could go back in time.

Let's go Marty!!!
Let’s go Marty!!!

But what if I looked at home with a different context.  What if, instead of thankfully leaving my home; what if I was forced from my home.  What if, I was was taken away from the home I knew and loved and I was conscripted onto the battlefield.

This happened to Paul in All Quiet On the Western Front.  This happened to the Jews (it seems like all the time throughout history) during the Holocaust.  This happened to the Native Americans as soon as the Europeans arrived.  The front line, concentration camps, and reservations don’t sound like vacations I’d like to take.

Thinking about this really does change my perspective on home and vacations.  It’s a luxury to be able to explore the world outside my house with family.  I am very thankful for that.

Truly yours,


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