Dear Ice Cream,

Hi Ice Cream, we all love you!  I haven’t been writing much lately and I’ve had little inspiration in my heart to blog, but you have churned thoughts in my head and provided me with some sweet ideas.

I can't say no to cookie dough!
I can’t say no to cookie dough!

Ice Cream, you are a real treat.  You are something that I get to enjoy if it’s on sale at Albertson’s!  You come in many different shapes and sizes (like, quarts or gallons) and many different flavors. (Do I even need to give examples?)

Ok, that is seriously too much ice cream.
Ok, that is seriously too much ice cream.

But Ice Cream, you aren’t just a sweet treat.  You can be shared with people and with that, you can create memories.  You can bring people together, top off the perfect evening, or even create some chaos with a brain freeze!  My fondest memory of you was when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and I went to a little ice cream parlor with my family.  The scent of the waffle cones diffused through the room and my eyes were immediately drawn to the glass display that protected the treasure.  ( Yes, ice cream is treasure.)  My whole family got cotton candy ice cream together and every once in a while my siblings will bring up that fond memory and we will reminisce together.
That’s all I’ve got for you, Ice Cream.  My time with you is always really short though, because I eat you so quickly, so it is only fitting that you get a short and sweet post.

Truly yours,


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