Dear Basketball,

Man.  We have a lot of history.



It seems like you have been a part of me for all of my life, yet I seem to be done with you.  I’ve enjoyed two years… well, I’ve dreaded, trudged, despised, fought through, hated, and on few occasions-enjoyed two years of varsity basketball.  The day is quickly approaching that I have to choose my classes for next year and a 6th period basketball class will not be requested to be put on my schedule.  There is definitely uncertainty on whether or not I am making a mistake, but basketball, you are a commitment that I am not happy with.

When is practice gonna end...
When is practice gonna end…

My mom told me that she had a boyfriend in college that she wanted to break up with.  When she told him that she was done with him, he started to cry and she just couldn’t leave him.  She ended up being miserable for the following months.

I don’t want my teammates and the people who know me as a basketball player to be that nagging and emotional boyfriend in my relationship with you, basketball.  I don’t want to be miserable through practice, through summer games, through morning workouts and I don’t want to be a cancer to my teammates with my negative attitude.

Coach, I ain't listening.
Coach, I ain’t listening.

I have to admit, I am more happy when practice is over than I am while playing.  Well, if my coach isn’t watching, I’ll end up having a fun time messing with my teammates who share a similar discontentment with you, basketball.  When it comes to getting serious, I’ll say, “Serious? Nah, that ain’t me.”

Me when practice is over.
Me when practice is over.

I’ve talked this over with my family, my teacher, and some friends, and I’ve come to the general consensus that I enjoy you, basketball, but playing you with the school team is a commitment that I am unhappy with; it is time for me to move on.

Truly yours,




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