Dear Family,

I love you guys:)

My dad's side of the family.

My dad’s side of the family.

It is sad to think that one day, I could be living while these faces will only be seen in photos.  Or even worse, I could be just a memory while the other members of my family live on.

But death isn’t the first thing that I think of when I hear the word, “family.”  The first word I think of is Love.  Then, I think of Home.  And I think of Peace.  And most of the time I think of Happiness.

But I’m lucky to have a family where those are the first words I think about.  In the end, the appreciation I show doesn’t equal the gratitude I have now while I’m talking about this.  I mean, just look at Grammog and Grampog!

2014-03-31 19.44.01
Far right: Grampog. Grammog is to the left of Grampog.

It would be nice to have all my family members living within a fifty mile radius where my kids could see their aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and I could see my parents, siblings, and in-laws.

I am lucky to be placed in such a good home and my family has not had to suffer any tragic deaths.  In my new favorite T.V. show, Iside the Ganster’s Code, the host, Louis Ferrante, had his mother die in his own arms.  That is a tragedy.

Loius Ferrante
Loius Ferrante

For those who don’t have you, family, one can only pray.  Human will does have its limits.  You can’t build a skyscraper in mud.  You need a foundation.  And for those people living without strong foundations, I have great admiration because they are strong by themselves.

Truly yours,


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