Dear Smartphones,

You know, I think that you have made society more distracted than you have helped society.  No offense.


The meme says it all.
The meme says it all.

This couple is just so cute, look at them on their date!

I hope you understand sarcasm.  They should just facetime for their next date.
I hope you understand sarcasm. 

Seriously, just facetime of video chat if you want to be on your phones with each other.

Oh, another point, I hate touch screen keyboards.  I have to fix a typo every single time I type a text message!  I mean, why can’t a touch screen with a regular keyboard with actual buttons still be fashionable in the tech world?

I miss you, keyboard!
I miss you, keyboard!

As a society, we like to believe that our cellular devices are constantly progressing and that the newest models of the “smartphones” will make our lives easier.  A rapper named Joey Bada$$ from Pro Era disagrees with that.  (I love what he says.)

"Your third eye closed If Steve Jobs made you purchase a third iPhone."
“Your third eye closed if Steve Jobs made you purchase a third iPhone.”

Not the typical “rap message” about drugs or derogatory slanders to women.  He is saying how blinded people are if they have bought three eye phones.  People have given in to the belligerent offensive by big industries to be a consumer.

I got a new Samsung 4 when it came out but it is honestly not that different from the previous phone I had.  I wish I just got something with a keyboard and music.

Truly yours,






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