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Dear BDE,

Yes, you “Best Day Ever!”  You have become not only my favorite Mac Miller song, but my favorite song overall.   You start off slowly with a soft synthetic sound that loops and becomes increasingly louder.  Soon, a keyboard/mute guitar loop assumes command and a few chords are gently strung on an acoustic guitar.  At this moment in the song, I feel like I’m gradually awaking from a deep sleep and with each second I gain more conscious.  The slow crescendo of peaceful music apexes the moment the drums kick in.  Now I’m bopping my head uncontrollably to the rhythm.  I take a deep breathe and I’m saturated with peaceful energy.  Before I know it, I’m rapping along with your lyrics and making hand and arm gestures that are an embarrassing attempt at dancing.  I might get a few confused and condescending glances, but I really don’t mind I’m just, what I call, “vibing” to the music.  While Mac Miller’s lyrics typically aren’t universally accepted or appropriate, a little vulgarity here and there doesn’t bother me.  BDE, however, you are not filled with arrogant boasting or random curse words that are all too often the subject matter of rap songs in modern times, and I greatly appreciate that.  These verses were formulated and have what rappers call “flow.”


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