Dear Loved One On Vacation,

I really missed you.  But I don’t think I miss you anymore.  Now, I’m just sad that you aren’t here.

Well, at least I have a loved one.
Well, at least I have a loved one.

I just made a joke to show anyone reading that I am still enjoying life and that this post isn’t going to be depressing.  But I’m not joking that I miss you, Loved One On Vacation.  A more honest depiction of how I feel is this…

I feel like I'm a sad dog waiting for my owners to come home.
I feel like I’m a sad dog waiting for my owners to come home.

Now I truly understand why my dog was always so stoked to see me when anyone came home.  Feeling alone just isn’t fun.  All the things that usually seem fun or activities that normally get you hyped up seem merely average when you feel sad and lonely.  Here’s a cliche for you:  You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Shoot! We're out of oreos...
Who ate all the oreos and left an empty box!?!

You know fun facts?  Well, here’s a not-so-fun-fact.  While I was writing this blog post, my friend butt-dialed me and I stayed on the line for two whole minutes!  Haha, I was just really hoping he would check his phone and have a conversation with me… but he didn’t.

This guy just got butt-dialed on the wrong day...
Getting butt-dialed on the wrong day…

I’m not a very lonely person and I don’t get sad if I’m lonely.  But, Loved One On Vacation, I feel lonely that you are gone and this doesn’t usually happen to me when I don’t see someone for a little while.  But you know, it isn’t the end of the world and you’ll be back soon.  I have friends to hang out with, hobbies to do- I’m still going to be happy and enjoy life.  But it just isn’t the same when my first option isn’t home.  I’ll be waiting for you.

Truly yours,


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